The ability to walk through deeper part of existence typically inaccessible to mankind.

Beginning of digital archiving. Establishment of this website, effectively used as a simultaneous journal and timeline.
Start of the process of scanning and transferring current analog documentation. Setting up pool, nearly ready; waiting
on salt shipment. Further exploration of the nexus, possible mapping.

As of me writing this, the project has only existed for a few months, though I am rather proud of our progress thus
far. Though keeping information by pen and paper has been somewhat of a comfort for me, it's served as an inconvenience
for ██████████ and ████████. Archiving digitally should be simple enough, though we will have to settle for the
telegraph on the other end. █████ spent some time in the nexus today. Not quite sure what he's looking for, if anything.
He hasn't given us many details.

Archiving process continues; research on ray cel safely backed up. Soundproofing the pool. Tentative investigation on
the possibility of catching emotions. Experiments with light bending.

The pool is taking a bit longer than expected, though I suppose we can blame that on delayed shipping. While waiting,
████████ put up some acoustic foam panels. We'll be using earplugs on top of that. Hopefully it'll be enough. It'll be nice
to have more regular access to the cels, especially in a safer way. █████'s fatigue is really catching up with him, so we're
moving as fast as we can. Apparently he was given a pair of gloves in the nexus yesterday, and they help him get a better
grasp on light. He says it's oddly slippery, and too warm to handle for long periods of time. We started small, with laser
pointers. He doesn't have any difficulties with them anymore; we've moved on to small flashlights. I don't exactly know what
use bending light has, but goddamn if it isn't fun.

Archiving process continues; research on e-cel and h-cel safely backed up. Drafting an anatomical drawing of a comeda.

No travelling today. █████ couldn't fall asleep. He's been very quiet today, holding himself like he's made of glass.
██████████ said he spilled her water bottle brushing past her desk, and he looked like he was on the verge of tears. It's
definitely the result of one of his bad nights. He's explained them to all of us, and we understand how it affects him, but
I can't help but wish he would let us know when something is bothering him. Yes, he's sort-of our little voluntary lab rat,
but he's our friend before anything else. Hell, he's still a kid. I forget that sometimes. Something in his eyes makes him
look like he's lived a thousand years. I told him to take a night in with his partner, that it was okay if he wasn't feeling
well. It took some convincing. With no time being spent monitoring the telegraph, we had three pairs of hands working on
archiving today. On top of that, ████████ came across an old diagram of the comeda, something █████ had scrawled out in
pink marker during the crash. They decided to sketch out a proper anatomical drawing of it. Well, as anatomical as you can
get with it. It's difficult, when it doesn't like to stay in its own body. It's always reminded me of that old myth about
swallowing spiders in your sleep. I suppose it's a bit more violent than that.

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